If you’ve ever used a backpack, you’ve likely wondered how to manage all that excess webbing hanging from the pack. If so, wonder no more. Tame dangling straps with Web Dominator. The Web Dominator is a simple design consisting of a small plastic clip with a piece of elastic cord attached. Just roll the excess strap over the clip and secure it in place with the bungee-like cord. Brilliant.

Other uses

The Web Dominator’s usefulness isn’t limited to managing straps on backpacks. Anything with excess one-inch webbing can benefit – compression straps, lifejackets, or tie-down straps on biking or camping gear. Or, use one or more as anchor points on webbing or MOLLE loops. From the anchor points, attach external accessories such as a compass, whistle, flashlight, hydration hose, tool, rain jacket, flip flops or some other light object. The length of the cord or the position of the knot can be modified according to the size of the item or the bundle of webbing.


Easy to use

If the Web Dominator doesn’t come pre-assembled, cut the desired length of cord and knot the two free ends together. Sear the ends to prevent fraying. Pass the loop through the cord slot on the clip, and then through itself to attach the cord. Position the clip so the narrow tapered end faces outwards. This should prevent the clip from poking into your body while wearing the backpack. Then, thread the webbing through the two outside channels on the clip, and roll the excess webbing over the clip and itself to create a neatly rolled ball.


Another option is to fold the excess webbing back and forth on itself several times to create a small stack.

web-dominator-folded-webbingFinally, stretch the elastic keeper over the bundle of webbing to secure it in place. SnareMan has produced an excellent video demonstrating the process.

It’s a simple solution to a problem I had previously addressed with elastic bands (that broke or slipped off) and duct tape that left behind a sticky residue. It has solved the problem of those dangling straps that posed a tripping and snagging hazard. I used to be concerned about picking up goodness-knows-what when the straps came in contact with unhygienic surfaces, but that issue has also been resolved. While the Web Dominator works best on straps that rarely need to be adjusted, the clip repositions in a matter of seconds if a modification needs to be made.

The clips and cords come in matching colours – black, coyote brown, tan or foliage green. Some vendors sell clips pre-assembled, each with a fixed length of cord. Others sell packets of clips with one long piece of cord. The latter allows the user to custom configure the amount of shock cord needed for each application.

This is a handy little travel aid for the backpack-toting packing light traveller.

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