Is ballooning in Cappadocia worth it?

  Is ballooning in Cappadocia worth it? If being entertained at dawn appeals to you, then set the alarm and prepare to be wowed. Admission is free, so the price is more than right. As the kaleidoscope of hot air balloons glides majestically across the Anatolian sky,...

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Istanbul’s rainbow stairs

In a centuries-old neighbourhood in the centre of Istanbul, retired forestry engineer Hüseyin Çetinel spent four days painting almost 200 steps of a public thoroughfare linking the Findikli and Cihangir districts. Istanbul's rainbow stairs achieve notoriety This was...

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Blue cruise on a Turkish gulet

If you’re looking for the ultimate in relaxing travel experiences, consider a blue cruise on a Turkish gulet off Turkey’s Turquoise Coast. Along the coast, a host of “Mavi Yolculuk,” (Blue Voyage) options are available at budget prices, making a blue cruise within...

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Ten things to do in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of those places where one visit leaves a person longing for more. I first fell in love with Istanbul forty years ago when it was regarded as the unofficial start of the "hippie trail," the Pudding Shop in Sultanahmet was the place to go for networking...

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Get an Istanbulkart

If you relish getting off the beaten tourist path and getting lost with the benefit of a safety line back to more familiar territory, a transit pass might be just the ticket to feed an adventurous spirit. In Istanbul, get an Instanbulkart. It's a cheap and convenient...

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