When researching your options for buying a SIM card in Australia, start with Amaysim. I chose Amaysim on my last visit and wasn’t the least bit disappointed. In fact, I was decidedly impressed.

Choosing a plan

As I was going to be in Australia for three weeks, I wanted a no-contract prepaid plan with data, voice and text.


The Amaysim Unlimited plan cost $39.90 for one month. It provided unlimited calls and texts throughout Australia, unlimited social networking (e.g., Facebook and Twitter), unlimited toll-free calls, unlimited voicemail and 4GB of data. Even Amaysim’s international rates were reasonable. Calls to landlines AND cell phones in many countries (e.g., Canada, China, Germany, UK and USA) cost just 6 cents per minute. Each text cost 25 cents. From time to time, Amaysim offers discounts for the first month. When I signed up it was 20%.


Purchasing a SIM card for my unlocked iPhone was a breeze. Finding a vendor was easily accomplished with the aid of the store locator at the Amaysim website. For just $2, I picked up a SIM card at a local garage near where I was staying.

Set up was simple, with an opportunity to choose a phone number from a few suggestions. From the App Store I downloaded the free and very useful Amaysim app. The interface was user friendly and it enabled me to easily track my usage and data balance.

The conclusion?

I was pleased with internet speeds and phone call quality. Most of my time was spent in the Brisbane area, and a few days on a rural property west of Maryborough. At no point did coverage lapse. Amaysim is powered by the Optus network and claims to serve 97% of the population of Australia.

At the end of the month’s coverage, a quick conversation with an Amaysim representative was all the assurance I needed to confirm the cancellation of my plan. My total costs were in the $35 range – an amazing deal by Canadian standards. For more information on buying a SIM card in Australia (and many other countries), check out Too Many Adapters.

What’s your experience staying connected in Australia? If you’ve written a post on the subject, please include a link to your site.

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