Pack light with a USB travel charger

Reduce the weight and space demands of your various chargers, and pack light with a USB travel charger. An added advantage is that one single charger makes charging your electronic devices more convenient, secure and efficient. What’s a USB travel charger? A USB...

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5 Steps to using Wi-Fi in Cuba

Using Wi-Fi in Cuba isn’t something one does while juggling other things. It’s a stand-alone activity that needs to be coordinated with others. These 5 steps to using Wi-Fi in Cuba will help you plan your approach. Note: Information is accurate as of November 2017,...

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Buying a SIM Card in Australia

Updated October 12, 2017 Buying a SIM card in Australia is easy and convenient. Plans are affordable, and many are built with travellers’ needs in mind. My previous experience with Amaysim During a visit to Australia in 2012, I was impressed with the package I bought...

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Buying a SIM card in New Zealand

In many countries, the average traveller can manage with free Wi-Fi. This isn’t the case in New Zealand. If you want to stay connected, buying a SIM card in New Zealand is the more convenient and affordable option. Free Wi-Fi isn’t the norm During my visit to New...

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Best voice recording app for travellers

Do you have the ability to make voice recordings during your travels? It was a question I hadn’t given much thought until my friends returned from a trip to Africa. They were disappointed that they didn’t have the ability to record the presentations of rangers on game...

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Best portable travel speaker

Music has a way of making travel memories sweeter. Until technology advances to the point of improving the built-in speakers on Smartphones and tablets, your best bet is to look for a portable speaker. To the packing light traveller, speakers are a luxury most of us...

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Are AirPods perfect for travel?

AirPods are Apple's new Bluetooth earbuds, released mainly for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus users due to the lack of a headphone jack. They’re meant to be easy to use, and the perfect companion for your iPhone 7. But, are AirPods perfect for travel? How do they sound? The...

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My favourite itinerary management app

Updated May 15, 2017 Thankfully, the days of assembling heavy space-hungry plastic envelopes filled with printed confirmations of all bookings, and associated documentation, are long gone. This is in part due to itinerary management apps capable of organizing...

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Best loyalty card wallet app

If you’re tired of carrying around countless loyalty cards in a fat wallet, a solution is within easy reach. Simply download a loyalty card wallet to your phone and carry your cards digitally. Besides slimming down your wallet, an added benefit is that you’ll never...

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Buying a SIM card in Spain

Calling and data plans offer convenience and security when travelling. If you're planning on buying a SIM card in Spain, several options are available at reasonable prices. Too Many Adapters is my usual starting point for pre-trip research. The section “Get Connected”...

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Electrical issues for travellers

Most travellers pack electronic or electrical gear. This often raises questions about what else needs to be packed to use gadgets abroad, and how to ensure they survive and not fry. Having a basic understanding of electrical issues for travellers goes a long way to...

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