Best loyalty card wallet app

If you’re tired of carrying around countless loyalty cards in a fat wallet, a solution is within easy reach. Simply download a loyalty card wallet to your phone and carry your cards digitally. Besides slimming down your wallet, an added benefit is that you’ll never...

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Buying a SIM card in Spain

Calling and data plans offer convenience and security when travelling. If you're planning on buying a SIM card in Spain, several options are available at reasonable prices. Too Many Adapters is my usual starting point for pre-trip research on staying connected during...

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Electrical issues for travellers

Most travellers pack electronic or electrical gear. This often raises questions about what else needs to be packed to use gadgets abroad, and how to ensure they survive and not fry. Having a basic understanding of electrical issues for...

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My favourite itinerary management app

Thankfully, the days of assembling heavy space-hungry plastic envelopes filled with printed confirmations of all bookings and associated documentation are long gone. This is thanks in part to itinerary management apps capable of organizing fragmented bookings into an...

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