MacGyver kit for travellers

Updated December 23, 2017 If you could foil pickpockets, fashion makeshift packing aids, or repair travel gear with a few items weighing next to nothing, would you be tempted to add them to your packing list? If so, maybe you need a MacGyver kit for travellers. Why...

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Travelling with duct tape

Updated December 21, 2017 What's the deal with duct tape? Why is it on so many travellers' packing lists? When I finally packed a small quantity, the reasons became clear. The dangling straps on my bags were driving me crazy so I reached for the duct tape. A tear on...

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My favourite travel gear hacks

What’s a travel gear hack? Often overused, the term hacking has been described, in part, as an appropriate application of ingenuity. To me, most hacks are about using everyday items in creative ways. Travel gear hacks use things in ways that are different from their...

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