Visiting Beitou Hot Springs

A brief trip to Taipei’s mountainous suburb of Beitou revealed qualities I was growing to appreciate about Taiwan – scenic wonders, preservation of national gifts, inexpensive or non-existent admission prices, volunteerism, and a people-friendly transportation system....

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Include Taiwan in your travel plans

I was sitting on a rock wall sipping a latte in Taipei’s 228 Peace Memorial Park when George Huang stopped and asked me where I was from. This was a common occurrence during my visit to Taiwan. Firstly, I don’t look like 99.9 percent of the people on the streets of...

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Space Inn, Taipei

Looking for hostel accommodation in Taipei? Look no further than the Space Inn. Designed with travellers in mind, the attention to detail in both its planning and operation is one of the hostel’s outstanding features. At an affordable price of approximately $17 USD...

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Hiking Taroko’s Old Jhuilu Trail

On a level of difficulty, Taiwan Adventures gives hiking Taiwan’s Old Jhuilu (Zhuilu) Trail in the Taroko National Park a rating of 4 (out of 5). The reviews at TripAdvisor also gave fair warning and I thought, “How difficult can it be? I’ll have the whole day to...

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Cycling Taiwan’s Taroko Gorge

Cycling is a great way to explore interesting places, and cycling Taiwan’s Taroko Gorge is no exception. Regarded as Taiwan’s number one tourist attraction, Taroko Gorge is an impressive 19-km long marble-walled canyon. It lies beside Taiwan’s east coast where the...

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Taipei walking food tour

A recurring theme in my pre-trip research was that Taiwan is home to some of the most exciting street food in Asia. What better way to be introduced to the Taiwan food culture, and street food in particular but to sign up for a Taipei walking food tour. Enter Taipei...

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