Delicious seafood paella in Barcelona

Updated January 14, 2018 Hunting for the perfect paella in Spain can be a hit-and-miss exercise. But, thanks to the sharing economy and a grandmother's recipe, we scored a hit with a delicious seafood paella in Barcelona. Experiences with locals This particular...

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Bringing travel home to your kitchen

Have you ever drooled over a dish on your travels and just had to try to replicate it back home? Whether a resounding success or abject failure, bringing travel home to your kitchen can conjure up delicious memories of travel adventures. A memorable dish from Mallorca...

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Pinchos in Barcelona

  Where travel meets food in Spain, going out for pinchos is one of those not-to-be-missed social and cultural experiences. And there’s no better way to be introduced to pinchos in Barcelona than by someone who describes them as “gastronomic treasures.” Typically...

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Bike Barcelona with a local

Biking is the new golf. It’s all about the food. According to Julia Cosgrove in These 9 Trends Prove That the Way We Travel Is Changing, biking and food are two areas that are changing the face of travel. I’d advocate for another: The sharing economy is...

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Buying a SIM card in Spain

Calling and data plans offer convenience and security when travelling. If you're planning on buying a SIM card in Spain, several options are available at reasonable prices. Too Many Adapters is my usual starting point for pre-trip research. The section “Get Connected”...

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