Animal welfare and tourism

Occasionally in my travels, I’m forced to confront my attitudes towards animal welfare and tourism. Until a recent trip to Morocco, it had been relatively easy. I simply avoided riding or handling any animal I perceived to be exploited for the benefit of tourists....

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Is a NEXUS card worth it?

I’m sitting at the gate at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) with my boarding pass, passport and NEXUS card, waiting for my flight to Halifax via Boston. I can’t help but reflect on my experience a couple of hours ago with U.S. immigration, customs and airport...

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How to prepare for airport security

Are your trips through security angst-free and uneventful? Do you factor airport screening into your packing regimen? If the answer is “yes” to both of these questions, it sounds like you know how to prepare for airport security. If you’ve answered “no,” read on for...

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How to find good airline seats

There have been a few occasions when I haven’t checked which seats I’ve been allocated and have paid dearly for the oversight. I think I’ve experienced them all... a middle seat, a window seat without a window, a fixed seat that doesn’t recline, one with no under-seat...

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