New Zealand’s quirky bra fence

New Zealand’s bra fence has become so famous, it has its own name: Bradrona. Like any good story, the bra fence has the right blend of what it takes to engage people. From its mysterious beginnings and early intrigue, the bra fence has attracted controversy and...

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The best way to see Milford Sound

It came as no surprise to learn that Milford Sound is New Zealand’s most visited spot. It attracts up to a million visitors each year. Depending on your schedule, interests and depth of your pockets, Milford Sound can be enjoyed from the air, boat, kayak, underwater...

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Buying a SIM card in New Zealand

In many countries, the average traveller can manage with free Wi-Fi. This isn’t the case in New Zealand. If you want to stay connected, buying a SIM card in New Zealand is the more convenient and affordable option. Free Wi-Fi isn’t the norm During my visit to New...

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