Pack a pashmina

Where fashion meets function, you’ll find a pashmina. Or something akin to a pashmina. When it’s not adding a splash of colour to a limited wardrobe, it’s performing one of its many other uses. It’s a lightweight champion, ounce for ounce one of the best travel...
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Travelling with soap leaves

One of my earliest experiences travelling with soap leaves involved a lawyer from Australia and a Jordanian washroom. I met Michelle (the Australian) beside a minivan in a large bus station park in South Amman, Jordan. We were both heading to Wadi Mousa to visit the...
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Reasons to pack light

Updated May 21, 2017 Are you one of those travellers who marvel at those who seem to effortlessly glide through airports with just carry on? Do you aspire to pack light (or lighter) but don’t know how to go about it? Getting in touch with the many reasons to pack...
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Best walking sandals for travel

Limiting the number of shoes is one of the greatest challenges facing the packing light traveller. While the number and type will depend on the length, purpose and season of your trip, most people I know have a two- or three-pair limit. And more often than not, that...
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Features of a perfect carry-on bag

Updated December 24, 2016 When I finally realized the benefits of carry-on travel, I invested in my first carry-on bag. It was a convertible carry on, loaded with features and perfect in so many ways. But I soon came to realize the absence of a sternum strap and waist...
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Emergency preparedness toolkit for travellers

Travel mishaps are bound to happen, even to the most seasoned among us. Having an emergency preparedness toolkit can go a long way to lessening the impact when adversity strikes. What’s your state of readiness for dealing with an emergency? What’s in your...
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Travel with tablet towels

Have you ever been in a situation when you’ve craved a washcloth? Mopping up spills, removing a combination of trail dust and perspiration, wiping away mango juice after a messy but satisfying treat – these and a host of other scenarios require just the right solution...
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Travelling with duct tape

What's the deal with duct tape? Why is it on so many travellers' packing lists? When I finally packed a small quantity, the reasons became abundantly clear. The dangling straps on my bags were driving me crazy so I reached for the duct tape. A tear on another...
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Designing the perfect travel purse

Have you ever purchased a travel product and found it wanting with respect to one or more important features? Or perhaps you’ve found yourself thinking, “Now if I had designed this item, I would have eliminated/added/changed...” Well, maybe it’s time to give up on...
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Buff for the packing light traveller

Something that weighs very little, takes up hardly any space, and performs double duty warrants a close look. Enter Buff for the packing light traveller. For those unfamiliar with these handy little accessories, a Buff® is a tubular scarf capable of performing many...
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How to make a traveller’s emergency contact card

I’m on a mission. It’s to try to convince you to do one of two things: Make a simple card containing emergency contact information that could be useful in an emergency. Assess your present system for storing and readily accessing emergency contact information. If...
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Top 20 tips on how to pack light

For most of us, learning how to pack light, or lighter, is an evolutionary process. Getting it right takes experimentation, practice and refinement. According to Kia, of Atlas and Boots, “In some ways, overpacking is a rite of passage: you have to do it to learn how...
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Pack light and tight with packing organizers

Updated May 20, 2017 Packing folders, cubes, pouches, bags and envelopes bring order, convenience and efficiency to packed luggage. Squeezing socks, underwear, and charging cords into shoes or nooks and crannies can make great use of pockets of unclaimed space, but...
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Create a travel comfort pack

There have been times when a travel pack of three-ply tissues has been the most important item in my daypack. Without going into too much detail, those times have usually involved an upset stomach and a public toilet. While on the subject of public toilets, in many...
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Reasons to shrink-wrap luggage

On our return from Istanbul, one of my travel mates decided to shrink-wrap her newly purchased bag. It was her standard carry on, a few kilograms heavier than Turkish Airlines’ carry-on limit of 8 kilograms. Given that her bag was destined for the hold, she figured...
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Organizing a 3-1-1- bag

Restrictions on liquids, aerosols and gels are an ally of the packing light traveller. Toiletries can be space and weight guzzlers, so look upon the restrictions as additional motivation to pack light. To manage all those products competing for the limited real estate...
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Tame dangling straps with Web Dominator

If you've ever used a backpack, you've likely wondered how to manage all that excess webbing hanging from the pack. If so, wonder no more. Tame dangling straps with Web Dominator. The Web Dominator is a simple design consisting of a small plastic clip with a piece of...
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Anti-pickpocket gear

What is the world’s worst city for pickpockets? After my friend lost her wallet to a pickpocket on the notorious Tram 28 last year, I would have chosen Lisbon. The crowded Tourism Police Office was overflowing with travellers who'd met similar fates. No, it seems...
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