Packing list for Madagascar

Ashley Dempster is passionate about packing. So much so, if it’s a choice between what she looks forward to more – packing or the actual trip, packing definitely has the edge. Needless to say, preparing a packing list for Madagascar, and the packing experience...

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Packing list for New York City

I admit it. I’m a packing list junkie. I never tire of devouring other travellers’ lists for insights and ideas. The destination or length of the trip doesn’t matter, as I seem to learn something from each and every one. If you can relate, here’s one more. It’s an...

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Packing list for South America

The seed was planted in Dar as Salaam, Tanzania. A Consular Officer at the time, Dominique Lombard came in contact with many travellers on the adventure of their lives, and realized that doing something similar was definitely within her reach. After short trips within...

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Organizing a 3-1-1- bag

Restrictions on liquids, aerosols and gels are an ally of the packing light traveller. Toiletries can be space and weight guzzlers, so look upon the restrictions as additional motivation to pack light. To manage all those products competing for the limited real estate...

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Reasons to pack light

Are you one of those travellers who marvel at those who seem to effortlessly glide through airports with just carry on? Do you aspire to pack light (or lighter) but don’t know how to go about it? Getting in touch with the many reasons to pack light is a start. They...

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