Exploring Cambodia’s dark history

Updated January 1, 2018 Do you include dark tourism in your travels? If you’ve visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, Auschwitz in Poland or the 9/11 Memorial in New York City, you’ve engaged in dark tourism. "Dark tourism" describes travel to places historically...

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Cambodia’s Ta Prohm: Angkor’s jewel

It might look like a movie set, but it’s real. I’m referring to a scene in the movie Tomb Raider. It's the one where Angelina Jolie’s character Lara Croft ventures into eerie ruins among the roots of strangler figs and other huge trees. It’s actually Cambodia’s Ta...

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Cycling in Cambodia

I’ve never waffled so much about a trip as I did with cycling in Cambodia. This type of indecisiveness was a stark contrast to other adventures where I’m usually the first one out the gate. Source of my hesitation It wasn’t the cycling, and it wasn’t Cambodia. It was...

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