A recommended Havana casa particular

Where does one start when trying to figure out where to stay in Havana? The task was made easier by following recommendations of other bloggers. There was one recurring suggestion: stay in the area of Vedado. One person described it as “más tranquilo,” a calm and...

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Space Inn, Taipei

Looking for hostel accommodation in Taipei? Look no further than the Space Inn. Designed with travellers in mind, the attention to detail in both its planning and operation is one of the hostel’s outstanding features. At an affordable price of approximately $17 USD...

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Booking vacation accommodation with Airbnb

After frustratingly fruitless time-consuming searches on user-unfriendly booking sites, I stumbled across Airbnb and have never looked back.  Occasionally, I visit competitors’ sites but being forced to contact owners for information as basic as rates and availability...

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Bidding on Priceline Hotels

I’m a huge fan of Priceline’s “name-your-own-price” system for booking hotels.  The challenge of choosing a competitive bid, the anticipation of scoring a great deal, the mystery of not knowing which hotel will accept my bid and the uncertainly of if and when the bid...

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